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Digimod Series

Premium Performances: Powersoft Class D technology used in DigiMod modules is a standard in the market for his quality, reliability, robustness and care for the detail. The fixed frequency design of the pulse width modulation guarantees maximum performances, high predictability and total immunity from intermodulation artifacts.

Scalability: plug an additional 2-channel amplifier (DigiMod 1000NPS) to extend the range of possible applications using 4 output channels, (both pairs bridgeable) to drive 3-way systems or high power 2-ways systems even at higher load impedances.

Powerful and flexible signal processing tools: using SigmaDSP based processing boards you can tailor the behavior of the module to perfectly fit your design: SigmaStudio software lets you choose your own DSP path choosing among tens of different algorithms, from standard Linkwitz-Riley crossovers to FIR filters, from limiters to delays. Your speakers will be protected and your product will sound great!

Complete set of protections: From your top level system to the most affordable product line, the only feature that never can be missing is reliability: that's why any Powersoft amp module is equipped with a full set of hardware protections against any kind of risk.

Certification process made easy: certification of your products can be sometimes a long and painful process, that can make you lose the occasion of entering effectively in a new market just because you have to wait for complete measurements and tests from scratch. We can support you in reducing time-to-market by providing a wide set of certifications, reports and documentation that will prevent you from wasting time, energy and resources.

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