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Powersoft DSP-CThe DSP-C is a 2in/4out processing board compatible with all DigiMod Series amp modules and included in M Series DSP rack amplifiers, that enables you to tailor the behavior of the amplifier through a precise 24bit/48kHz AD/DA conversion and 26 bit processing, to perfectly fit any application.

The DSP-C is an incredibly open and flexible tool, allowing entering its powerful processing capabilities at different levels and with different approaches:

With Analog Devices SigmaStudio™ software you will be free to build your own signal path choosing from a library of tens of different algorithms, from Linkwitz-Riley crossovers (up to 48dB/oct) to IIR and FIR filters, RMS and peak limiters and delay for speaker alignment.

The DSP-C is fully supported into Powersoft Armonìa™ Pro Audio Suite software, to let users easily control and monitor audio systems either powered by M Series rack amps or based on active loudspeakers giving access to parameters settings, preset banks management and group information.

5 input filters and delay, 2 crossovers + 8 output filters, 1 Peak limiter + 1 RMS limiter with filter shaping per output channel are available in Armonìa™, with the possibility of locking part of the presets for OEM proprietary processing protection.

4 different presets can be stored on the DSP-C, allowing for easy selection of desired processing setting by end user, even when no network or remote control are available.

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