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Integrated Solutions

The DigiMod IS Series and the D-Cell IS are the true plug'n'play solutions for active loudspeakers. They are easy to fit in a number of different configurations, from sub-woofers to typical 2-way applications, like wedges, line arrays, studio monitors or satellites.

The IS Series is also particularly indicated for retro-fitting existing passive systems, thanks to its easiness of integration which saves time and money.

The Amp Modules available in IS versions are:

  • DigiMod 1000 IS
  • DigiMod 1500 IS
  • DigiMod 2000HV IS
  • D-Cell504 IS 2-Ch
  • D-Cell504 IS 4-Ch

All DigiMod IS and the D-Cell IS are fully supported into Powersoft Armonía™ Pro Audio Suite software to let users control and monitor audio systems based on your active loudspeakers giving access to parameters settings, preset handling, group information, still assuring OEM proprietary processing protection to avoid final user's errors or misuse.

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