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Powersoft ProNet 485The new ProNet485 is a small device, hardly larger than a network adapter, specifically designed to make any Powersoft DSP-equipped module Armonía compatible. It allows direct connection and communication between the DSP-equipped module and any PC running Windows operating systems and Armonía. Connection between the ProNet485 and the computer is done via an RJ45 to RS485 cable and an RS485-USB converter.

The ProNet485 has an external ABS shell that can be easily removed to expose the internal PCB. This tiny board can be mounted inside your Powersoft powered products to activate all ProNet485 features permanently.

The ProNet485 has two sides:

The "Pro" side refers to programming.

Through the Armonía suite, DSP presets containing details on the signal processing path can be altered, tweaked and permanently programmed in the module's internal memory. Moreover, using Powersoft's completely free ProductManager software together with the ProNet485, a bank of 4 presets can be directly programmed in any DSP-equipped module in one single step, saving a great deal of time.

The "Net" side means networking.

Finally Powersoft modules can be remotely controlled and programmed just like rack amps! Daisy chain DSP equipped modules, each with its own ProNet485, and see the network in Armonía. Group amplifier modules together with parameters you choose. Graphically alter the input signal so it outputs exactly the way you want: all of this easily done with Armonía.

Armonía™ compatibleSigmaStudio™ compatibleCan locally store DSP presetsCan program all 4 possible presets in one stepWindows® compatibleSize and Weight
Programming Board Litenoyesnonoonly Windows® XP10cm x 18cm
Programming Board Pronoyesyesyesonly Windows® XP12.5cm x 21cm
ProNet485 yesno noyes (with Powersoft Product Manager® software)all Windows® versions, including Windows® 75.4cm x 6cm
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