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Powersoft DuecanaliThe Duecanali5204 and the Duecanali3904 deliver an efficient and reliable energy saving design in a compact one-rack unit space, while still maintaining high-output wattage and crystal clear audio. The design offers 40% to 60% savings on operating costs over traditional amplifiers of the same power rating.

The Duecanali5204 offers a thundering 1400W of power with a speaker load of 8-ohms, 2600W at 4-ohms and 2800W at 2-ohms in stereo configuration. In bridge mode the output wattage is a massive 5200W at 8-ohms and 5600W at 4-ohms.

The Duecanali3904 has a generous power range of 1000W with an 8-ohm speaker load, 1950W at 4-ohms and 2400W at 2-0hms in stereo configuration. In bridge mode the unit delivers a steady 3900W at 8-ohms and 4800W at 4-ohms.
The available power yield from both units insures undistorted peak sound performance.


  • Powersoft legendary universal switch mode power supply up to 400VAC tolerant with Power Factor Correction
  • Fixed frequency switch mode bridgeable output
  • Patented output filter with ripple cancellation network
  • LCD interactive display and front panel meters
  • Lockable user menu for setting max output voltage, max mains current draw, digital output attenuation, gain selection, gate selection, limiter and real time monitoring of: load impedance, AC mains voltage, output voltage, internal temperature with downloadable log file of all functional fault events with time related trace
  • Balanced, 3 pin Phoenix© type, analog and digital main and auxiliary inputs, outputs on 2 paralleled
  • Phoenix© type 2 pin connectors
  • Optional DSP, with fixed latency of 2 ms, with up to 48dB/oct IIR and FIR cross-over filters, up to 16 eq filters per output channel, up to 8s of total delay, peak limiter and true power limiter, patented damping factor and cable resistance compensation network
  • Optional Ethernet board travels, on the same CAT5 cable, control and up to 2 AES3 digital audio channels with full redundant ring topology
  • Temperature controlled continuous variable speed fan, front to back airflow
  • Smart card reader for preset load/save and firmware upgrades
  • Detachable AC mains cable with IEC C19/22.2 (16A for EU, 20 A for USA) socket
  • Modular construction
  • Control and monitoring* through Armonía Pro Audio Suite™
  • Interface available* for MediaMatrix, Crestron and AMX control and monitoring systems

Fully protected circuit design with:

  • AC protection: shut down power supply when
  • AC mains voltage is outside operating range
  • Turn on/off muting: for 4s at turn on and soon after turn off amplifiers outputs are muted
  • Clip limiter: prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching loudspeakers, while still maintaining full peak power output
  • DC protection: protects against infrasonic signal at the outputs
  • VHF protections: protects the loudspeakers against non audible, strong, non musical very high frequency signals
  • Short circuit protection: protects the amplifier from short circuit or other stressful events for the output circuits
  • Thermal protection: when output rails reach 75°C (167°F) amplifier will reduce max output to help cooling while when rails reach 85°C (185°F) outputs will be muted
  • Long term limiter: protects the loudspeaker against steady long term rms (non audio) signals reducing maximum output

*= DSP+AESOP, or AESOP versions only

2 Ω4 Ω8 Ω70/100V
Duecanali52042 x 2,800 W2 x 2,600 W2 x 1,400 W2 x 1,800 W/2,400 W
Duecanali39042 x 2,400 W2 x 1,950 W2 x 1,400 W2 x 1,800 W/2,400 W

EIAJ test standard, 1 kHz, 1% THD

Powersoft reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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